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KAPLAN, KLEIN & ROGEN, A Law Corporation, specializes in all aspects of Immigration and Nationality Law. We are located in the Sherman Oaks, California. Our firm has been in existence for more than fifty (50) years. We are honest, reliable, reasonable, and we make dreams happen.

Our practice is solely and exclusively limited to Immigration and Nationality Law type of issues and cases. Our firm has been specializing in Immigration and Nationality Law and, in particular, Temporary Nonimmigrant Worker Visas (H, O, L, E) ; Permanent Employment Labor Certification for Permanent Residence based upon job offers; Investments (temporary and permanent residence); Artist of Extraordinary and Exceptional Ability; Family Relative Priority (marriage to US Citizen, immigrating parents, children, brothers and sister), Political Asylum, Deportation, and securing US Citizenship.

Our clients include numerous companies, including a number of publicly traded companies on the New York, American, and NASDAQ Exchange. Our law offices provide services to clients in the following industries: entertainment, graphics, internet, general business, accounting, marketing, health care, aerospace, software design, development and consulting, engineering, medical technology, import and export, banking, food industry, and other scientific, education, engineering and business areas.

There are three attorneys practicing immigration law at KAPLAN, KLEIN & ROGEN. Each has a vast and seasoned experience in practicing Immigration and Nationality Law and we specialize in work related temporary and immigrant visas. Mr. Richard David Rogen has been practicing Immigration Law for more than thirty (34) years. Alan R. Klein has been practicing Immigration Law for thirty three (33) years.

Each member of our firm handles all types of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas including: H-1B/H-4 (professional worker visas with university degrees or the equivalent in terms of education and experience); O-1/O-2 visas for persons in the entertainment field; F-1/F-2 (student visas); L-1/L-2 (intra-company transferee), E-1/E-2 (treaty traders and investors); and Employment based Labor certifications for permanent residence; Workers/Professionals of extraordinary and exceptional abilities; and multinational executives or managers; Advanced Degree Professionals under exceptional ability; family based petitions; citizenship; third country visas; citizenship and deportation.

Our firm offers free in-office consultations. We are responsive to e-mail and telephone inquiries.

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